43rd RACE OF THE RING- 17 – 19/08/2018


The Race of the ring as the most important event in Barban and in the municipality of the same name, and as one of the most important in the Istiran County as well, will be held from August 17th to August 19th. On August 17th the traditional raising of the flag of the Society ‘The Race of the ring’ is scheduled for 8 PM at Barban’s main square, and after at Caffe Bar Roy first the Lighthouse bend will start the party, and then DJ Nikola z Kukurini will continue long into the night. The following day the 23rd “Vitica” Race is scheduled at 5 PM at the Gradišće racecourse in Barban. Then in the evening there will be the concert of the famous croatian singer Lidija Bačić at 9 PM on ‘Placa’, the Barban’s main square. At the same time at Caffe Bar Roy live music will also take place with the bend Proleteri, and afterwards with DJ Alex Sabatini. The main event, the 43rd Race of the ring will take place on sunday August 19th also at 5 PM at the Gradišće racecourse in Barban. Afterwards Group Vigor’s concert is set for 10 PM on ‘Placa’, and at Roy Bar again DJ Nikola z Kukurini and youth favourites Night Express bend. That’s not all of course, as all three days will traditionally be rich with other cultural and sport content, and also fireworks on the final day.

Do not miss along Sinjska alka the only manifestation of this kind in Croatia! See you from August 17th  to 19th in  Barban!

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