Church of St. Nicholas

The Church of St. Nicholas is a parish church in the center of Barban, was built in 1701 (completed in 1708) in baroque style, instead of the old, smaller churches of the Romanesque style. It was restored in 1843 and 1959. The church has an elevated shrine, a sacristy with large marble pillars and a marble altar with the characters of saints.

Special art value is attached to the images on the altars of St. Nicholas, St. Sebastia, and All Saints created by the students of Palma Younger (1544-1628), Ticijan’s pupils, and were already placed on the altars of the old church. The bell from 1585 is 25 m tall and has three bells. St.Nikola is celebrated on December 6th – the patron saint of Župa and Barban Municipality

Crkva Sv. Nikole

Church of St. Antun Opat

It was built at the end of the 14th century in Romanesque style. It has a stone roof, painted in frescoes in the 15th century, and has glagolitic pilgrimage records (the oldest from 1420). The church is located in front of Barban’s Big Door, built in the 16th century. . He painted it frescoes by the master of the 15th century, and the frescoes depict the Mother of God with the Devil, St. Uršulu, Barbar, Jelena, sv. Blaise, James, Dionysius.

On the side walls and on the vault there are two scenes from the life of St. Antun, death, burial, grave find, transfer to Carigrad, and a sight of miraculous healing by his intercession.

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