8th Petar Stanković Memorial 'Barban in the heart'

February 22nd 2018 – February 23rd 2018

11th Manjadvorci Village Day

April 28th 2018

11th Wine Festival of the Barban Municipality

May 19th 2018

4th Small Folklore of Istrian County

 May 19th 2018

Majnica, Šajini

May 26th 2018

8th Meeting of Barban's poets 'Beside u jatu'

June 1st 2018

7th Draguzeti Village Day

June 9th 2018

15th Vilija Ivanje, Grabri

June 21st 2018

Celebration of St. Paul, Želiski

June 30th 2018

20th Orihi Village Day

June 13th 2018 – June 15th 2018

17th meeting of accordionists 'Let's play in Barban'

July 21st 2018

20th Puntera Village Day

August 4th 2018

17th Hrboki Village Day

August 10th 2018 – August 11th 2018

43rd Race of the ring

August 17th 2018 – August 19th 2018


September 1st 2018 – September 2nd 2018

13th FESS: Feast of fig and fig cake

September 15th 2018

South on two wheels

September 15th 2018

Mushrooms Exhibition, Barban
11th Meeting 'Lets' sing and play in old customs'

November 23rd 2018

10th Olive Oil Festival

November 24th 2018

Barban Municipality Day

December 6th 2018

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