Barban, a hamlet of rich and important history, became famous for the cavalry manifestation „The Race of the Ring“. To discover the charm and the beauty of that ancient cavalry game means to study deep into history and reach as far as the year 1696, in which the most ancient entry about the Race is preserved Ottavio Quellis was celebrated as the first winner.

After 1703 written traces of the cavalry competitions in Barban were lost. Barban restored „The Race of the Ring“ in 1976. From that time the Race takes place every year the third weekend in August. Besides keeping the traditional culture, the Race became a real attraction, encompassing cavalry and sports spirit.

The competitors-Barban knights-in the three races and in less than 12 seconds, must „overcome“ a track long 150 meters and hit the ring with their lance. The ring consists of two concentric circles connected to form four sections.

The hit in the centre give three points, above the centre two, under the centre one and on sides half point. The rider, who scored the most points in three races, will be victorious competitor.

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