Barban is a settlement in the municipality of the same name, located along the main road road Pula – Rijeka, on a hill above the Raša river valley, 26 km northeast of Pula.

Municipality of Barban has a surface of 94.1 km2 with about 2.800 inhabitants. It is located in the southeast of the Istrian peninsula and featuring a total of 74 of villages and hamlets. The area of the municipality, a part of is slightly of corrugated Istrian relief, with a series of low hills and sinkholes, and larger slopes that descend to the Raša channel and the valley of the river Raša. The channel is 12 km long and 1 km wide,  Raša channel with steep and impervious sides roughly delineates the Istrian east coast just like it’s western counterpart, the Lim channel.

As well as the most of the Istrian peninsula, an area of the Municipality of Barban enters the belt of the Mediterranean vegetation and the most beautiful example of well-preserved forests of downy oak and oriental hornbeam is Boljunka between settlements Želiski and Barban. On the whole area of the northern Adriatic prevails unique type of climate, Mediterranean climate influenced by the Kvarner Bay and the sea, which cools in summer and in winter reduces the impact of the continent and the cold mass.

Summers are warm, the highest average temperature is 33 ° C and the minimum 25 ° C, winters are mild and dry, the highest average temperature is 13 ° C and minimum of -5 ° C.


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